Installation, replacement and service all types of fire alarm panels and devices.We also troubleshoot ground faults, open circuits, short circuits, testing, inspections monthly, quarterly, annually, fire drills, addressable, conventional, some programming, sprinkler alarms, central station, residential hard wired systems battery back up.

Simplex, EST, Notifier, System Sensor, Silent Knight,Gamewell, Fire Lite, FCI

Protect o Wire, Edwards, CooperWheelock, Altronix, Siemens, Fike, Kiddie.


For all your electrical needs loss of power, heating, cooling, indoor and outdoor lighting, pools, spas, recessed lighting, new construction, old work, grounding, remodeling, kitchens, baths, fans, generators, pumps, motors,

alarms, electric heat, radiant heat, Data, Cable, panel upgrades, piping wiring, installations of anything that needs power emergency lights installed or replaced, exit signs, make safe, demo, electric vehicle power,build outs, stores ,

resturants , high rises, condo units, schools  120/240, 120/208, 277/480. You name it we do it.